5 Top Indonesia Tourist Destination 2012

Indonesia has a very distinct natural beauty, lies in the middle of the equator, Indonesia storing an assortment of riches tourism invaluable. From the sea, rare ​​coral reef overgrown with and has the largest ​​coral reef area in the world even at the center of the world's coral reef. Until very unique cultural heritage to be enjoyed for tourists visiting Indonesia, namely Bali, Bali has a very interesting cultural diversity to be missed, as well as rows of beautiful beaches and friendly Balinese people, allowing you to enjoy the holidays with a million meanings. Here's 5 favorite tourist destinations in 2012 that could be your reference for a trip to Indonesia this year.


Bali is still an attraction for foreign tourists and a major tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali is the most famous tourist spots in Indonesia and the world. seen from the results of the assessment Bali has a background of outstanding natural scenery, followed by the friendliness of its people and its culture. Bali is one of the attractions are Indonesia, the island is so beautiful that many people call the island of God. Bali Island save a great attraction and one of the best in the world, so no wonder the island of Bali are always crowded with tourists. Some of the attractions in the island of Bali is: Tanah Lot, Bedugul, Kuta Beach, Tanjung Benoa, Lake Batur, Sanur Beach, the Statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) and so on.


Lombok island is located east of the island of Bali which are separated by the Lombok Strait and the west of the island of Sumbawa, separated by the Strait Alas, with the natural topography is dominated by Rinjani volcano which reaches a height of 3,726 meters above sea level making it the highest volcano number 3 in Indonesia. Lombok island has now become one of the icons Tourism Indonesia. The beauty of the island with its Mount Rinjani towering sky looks magnificent, beautiful beaches of white sand, the richness of biodiversity, complemented by small islands in the middle of the sea is made ​​up of Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno and some gili - another gili, also the friendliness of its people Sasak and Sasak cultural uniqueness and diversity that can make tourists amazed.

Komodo Island 

To get to the island of Komodo and other islands we have to Labuan Bajo, the city formerly known only as a fishing village and is now transformed into an exotic tourist destination than Bali. Day by day more and more tourists stop in Labuan Bajo. The travelers did not just come to see the giant Komodo lizard, but also to continue the road trip up to Lake Kelimutu Three Color and ends at Maumere. A number of international events to make this place a must-visit area. Several cruise ships and yachts from foreign countries every year docked at this port. This area also save natural wealth under the sea is very beautiful and attractive for tourists.


Indonesia has one of the most beautiful underwater paradise of the world, one of which is on the island of Sulawesi. Underwater paradise known as the Wakatobi National Park is located in Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. Wakatobi become the most beautiful dive sites in the world. The beauty and richness of the Wakatobi National Park is already well known abroad, especially after Wallacea expedition from England in 1995 which mentions that the region of Southeast Sulawesi is very rich in coral species. There, there are 750 of the total 850 species of coral in the world. Configuring the depth varies from flat to sloping to the sea, and in some areas there are bertubir steep waters. The deepest waters reaching 1044 meters.

Raja Ampat 

raja ampat
Tourist destination in eastern Indonesia has been recognized by the World because of nature beneath the natural and beautiful. Raja Ampat Islands is an archipelago located in the western province of Papua New Guinea in the West, precisely at the Bird's Head of Papua. The islands are a divers destination of foreign countries who are interested in the beauty of the underwater scenery. Currently, Raja Ampat become one of the most popular tourist destinations.
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The secret exsotic of Dreamland Bali beach

Cliff ledge were lined up, lined up high at the shoreline. Seem arrogant facing the brunt of waves that came rolling toward the shore. sea breeze blowing, foam hit the shore, shaking the leaves of coconut trees, every dream away visitors. In the distance, it appears the sun began to set, emitting light that will lead to dark yellow. Quiet atmosphere brings the romance, for every couple who visit there. Dreamland beach, including one among so many of the best beaches on the island of Bali. Dreamland Beach is located on the southern island of Bali exactly in Pecatu region. Rather, a few kilometers before the Pura Uluwatu from the direction of Denpasar. Dreamland beach itself is almost similar to the attractions of Kuta beach, and many say the next Kuta beach, but far more beautiful and more empty. A side of the beauty that Dreamland offer ....

Dreamland beach Bali

Because the place is deserted and the texture of the waves that could be considered quite good for surfing, a lot of foreign tourists to come here. It also has a unique exceptional reef. often used for photo shoots prewed, model or even to shooting the movie that aired in Indonesia and beyond. This reef is also the added nuance of the erotic and romantic sunset next to the beach.

dreamland sea side

When you enter Dreamland Beach tourist area, you will be enchanted by the beauty of this beach. Rugged hilly area and make you look as if the lower beach area on the sea. Dreamland is a beach surrounded by cliffs towering and large rocks. When you go down the rocks and the steps to the beach, you'll be amazed by the views of the cliffs on which there is a green pasture is high enough.

 Many foreign and local tourists who like to enjoy in the meadow. Located on the white sandy beach just below the narrow steep rock walls, is suitable as a dream beach to enjoy the sunset or just watching the surfers attraction. The waves are high and attracted many big fans of water surfing sports. Even Dreamland has become a new spot for surfing Bali region.

The best session for surfing at Dreamland Beach is during dry season. It is because the wind flow from the southeast to the west hence it could create the great wave even barrel. This season is very much love by the surfer when go for surfing at this surfing point where the wave is powerful and big but inconsistent.

Surfing at dreamland beach

You can rent umbrellas are provided along the coast to avoid the hot sun. If you want to swim but do not bring replacement clothing, you can buy in the tourist area of ​​Dreamland. Once down the stairs, a line of clothing merchants will offer you their wares. Also available are several shops that sell food and drinks. In addition, here are also available toilet facilities if you want to change clothes and shower. But the pricing is quite expensive even for just pee in this area.

 Here some tips to travel in bali with low budget, and if you want to stay, at the Dreamland area there are dozens of resorts and villas which stood as a supporter of tourism that continues to be built at Dreamland Beach. Some resorts and villas stand on the cliff so you can enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery of the cliffs. In the end, the beauty of this beach will entice you to come back again.
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Travel spot in Jogjakarta - Malioboro

Malioboro, a tourist destination in Jogjakarta who always indulged a passion every tourist who comes. History, culture, hustle and bustle of traditional markets, and even culinary, could bring inspiration to everyone. Malioboro street is a main street in the city of Jogyakarta, which stretches from monument Jogyakarta to the intersection Jogyakarta Post Office which consists from Prince Mangkubumi Street and Gen.A. Yani, this road is the imaginary axis line of the Sultan's Palace. This region is the mainstream from a typical of Java shopping center . If you are looking for typical items of javanese culture as a souvenir, this place is the right choice to satisfy your desires while in Jogjakarta.

Jogjakarta had alot typical handicrafts that can be found here include woven rattan handicrafts, leather, batik, silver, bamboo and others, in the form of batik clothing, leather bags, leather shoes, rattan ornament, leather puppets, bamboo key chains, spoons / forks silver, batik blangkon (hat is kind of typical Jogyakarta / Java, T-shirts with various models / writing. Shopping centers and restaurants are actually same as the business and shopping centers in other major cities, which fullfill with big-name brands and some local names. goods traded from imported and local goods, from daily necessities to electronic goods, furniture and so forth. It also provides various handicrafts, such as batik, wayang, Imitation Key Chain, purse and others. There is also a spot foreign exchange, bank, five star hotel until type of motel.

Malioboro is close to the other objects of historical tourism, heritage tourism, colonial architecture, as well as other traditional shopping. The objects of historical attractions around Malioboro of which the Sultan Palace and the square, the Great Agung Mosque, Vredeburg castle, Sonobudoyo Museum and Village Kauman. While on tour in Jogyakarta, some of colonial architecture can still be seen, as now Societet Building Cultural Park, Hotel Inna Garuda, Bank Indonesia, and Bank BNI'46. Tourism as well as two nearby traditional shopping in this area, namely Beringharjo and Ngasem Markets. Additionally, for travelers who like to read, this region is also providing a public library owned by the Government of DIY.

Other than the atmosphere in the various diversity, tourists also can watch other peculiarities in the tourist area of Malioboro, dozens of rickshaws and buggy tour of Jogyakarta, which was parked parallel on the right path in the slow lane, and its always ready to take tourists get around of Malioboro and surrounding areas. On the right side of the road, tourists can see hundreds of motorcycles parked along the sidewalk wich are can sign that Malioboro is always crowded by visitors . Another interesting thing to do here is on the night, because at night, you can find a shop that sells Jogja typical food which known as gudeg. Besides, this area is could be as a gathering place for artists where always expressing their capabilities such as playing music, painting, art hapening, mime and others along this road. Or you can find the best performance of Ramayana ballet near Prambanan temple which is can make your trip plan many more and interesting.

Transportation among Adisutjipto to Malioboro

To reach the Adisutjipto airport from Malioboro , 1A track can be used. This is the path that will lead the Trans Jogja airport with the shortest route. You can ride from one stop - from 3 (three) stops - which is on Jl. Malioboro. Because the path 1A is also reaching out to Candi Prambanan, 1A track is often filled with passengers. If you do not hurry with your trip, you can also use the line 3A of Malioboro. Of course, this will take a longer route. About time travel, there are some things that affect. For example: congestion along the way. To estimate, from Malioboro to the Airport, traveling time about 40-50 minutes. Again this depends on the traffic situation and of course the availability of buses. The duration between the fleet of about 15 minutes.

To be sure, please ask the attendant shelter / bus stop where you will go up. If you did not want to wait too long, and with the condition that the bus is always full or bus availability can not be expected, you can use a taxi. Taxis are going through a similar route with the Trans Jogja line 1A. About the cost, of course, a taxi will be more expensive. From Airport Adisutjipto Malioboro probably around Rp. 30.000 to Rp 40.000.

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Baliem Valley Festival 2012 Papua Indonesia

A unique and very famous festival for foreign tourists because of its distinctiveness and originality as a culture which located in the interior of Papua will commence shortly. Baliem Valley Festival. Baliem Valley Cultural Festival will take place in the Village Wosi, District Wosilimo, Wamena, Jayawijaya regency, Papua, on 8-11 August 2012

Located in incredibly lush and fertile valley with the most people living here have a farming tradition more than 9000 ears long – much longer than in most other parts of the world. More than 70 km long and around 20km wide, 1800 m above the sea level and surrounded by a crest of mountains some of which reach up to 4500, this area was not touched by the western world until the 1940s. And it took many more years to discover the whole beauty of this fertile highland and the various tribes living there.

Baliem Valley has since 1991 become the venue for the largest annual cultural festival in the land of Papua. In this valley, the Dani people live in harmony and united in the embrace of the mountains of Papua surrounding beautiful and charming nature. Aside from being a 'home', often used to Baliem Valley into the arena of war by the warring tribes and became the arena of those who slaughter the tribe that fought for the glory proud.

Three mains tribes are inhabiting the Baliem Valley, all are “Melanesian” with black skins and curly hair: The Dani in the base, the Lani to the west and the Yali in the south-east, each with it’s own distinct culture and language (in whole Papua there are more than 250 different languages still spoken today). Many of the people still dress in their traditional way, for example the “Koteka”, or penis gourd, is still sported by many male members of the tribes.The Dani man only use small koteka, the Lani tribes use bigger Koteka, while the Yali have long slender Kotekas and covering their waist with a rattan belt.

In the Baliem Valley festival, usually staged many different kinds of entertainment events, among which shows the War between the Tribe (tribal history), custom appearances dancing, performances Karapan Racing Pigs (Pig Racing), Puradan (game throws the spear into the sphere of rattan which is spins when thrown), Sikoko (puz use Pieces of wood species in throw toward the goals they have been appointed), competition plays a traditional musical wind instrument (Pikon), and various cultural competitions for foreign tourists like throwing spear (Sege) to a target that has been is set correctly and archery (archery target on the banana stem).

Staging a war activities are scheduled for 2 days, with displays of tribal warfare about 26 groups, consisting of 30-50 people per group. Then in a separate area also featuring traditional music game. Pikon traditional music game is that the music created from the bark of which is called in the vernacular "Hite" (bark to bow). While the song being played is an expression of the hearts of the music player in the ring and played to entertain his or her heart or of the listeners.Interestingly, not all of the Baliem valley can play this instrument, because it requires special expertise.

During the festival, set your camera in a large-capacity memory. Because you will see many unique things that should not be missed. Tribal participants involved more than a thousand people wearing regalia of their tribe. There are unique in that they use the trendy sunglasses even in traditional dress. Ask them politely to pose with you because obviously this is an unusual thing that should not be missed.

You can also watch the show pikon or traditional musical portrayal of human life. There is also a pig race became an attractive tourist and causing the hubbub of participants and spectators. In addition, you can watch the race archery, throwing Sege or stick to the target, puradan the rolling wheels of woven rattan, and sikoko is throwing at a target pion. Race-the race you can follow directly.

All you need to do during the festival just observe and enjoy it war while photographing. The longer it lasts the festival atmosphere of the war with spears, machetes, and arrows that hit the opponent will get up close and exciting. The more the spear that misses the more loud cheers from the hundreds of spectators. These tribes have followed the war festival every year, so this show more interesting every year.
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